Title ( Size in Kilobytes ) ( Modem / Broadband in seconds )
Intro (160kb) (32, 5)
Part 1: Opening The G5 (160kb) (32,5)
Part 2: Removing The First CPU Fan set. (92kb) (19,3)
Part 3: Removing The RAM modules. (80kb) (16,3)
Part 4: Removing The Optical Drive. (84kb) (17,3)
Part 5: Removing The Hard Drive(s). (92kb) (19,3)
Part 6: Removing The AGP/PCI Card(s). (76kb) (15,2)
Part 7: Removing The Speaker/Fan Module. (64kb) (13,2)
Part 8: Removing The CPU Cover. (68kb) (13,2)
Part 9: Removing The CPU(s). (236kb) (47,7)
Part 10: Removing The Second CPU Fan set. (52kb) (10,2)
Part 11: Removing The Powersupply. (164kb) (32,6)
Part 12: Removing The Motherboard. (136kb) (27,4)
Misc (160kb) (32,5)

The speeds are just estimates and will vary depending on a large number of factors.
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