All photos link to a 1024x768 color photo when clicked.
I apologize if some of the photos are blurry. That happens when you take long exposure photos without a tripod.

Notes: These photos are a bit old.
I've replaced the GeForce 5200 with a X800 and replaced the PSU fans with some nice vantec fans.
I didn't plug them in to the normal connectors, because the system adjusts the voltage to them as-needed and these fans already have that feature.
If I had left them connected on the standard plug in the PSU they would have probably rotated too slowly or stalled.
I tapped (pulled back insulation, twisted them togeter and taped over) into one of the 12V lines.
They keep the PSU much cooler and make less noise, and dont rev up/down.
The drive bay fan has also been replaced with a standard vantec fan.
I like vantec fans because they are low-rpm but move quite a bit of air and adjust for intake air temprature.
The only stock fans at this point are the 4 CPU fans and the squirrel cage fan that cools the back side of the motherboard (located in the drive bay).

My X800's fan started to fail and stopped moving at one point.
So, I removed the plastic cover over the heatsink and it now has fan blowing down on it.
The fan is just screwed into the fins of the heatsink.
I also upraded from the stock 80G, to two 80Gs striped, and recently to two 500G drives in a mirror configuration.